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Re: Double Blade technique please help

Tan Woei Kuan wrote:
Hi all,

My college is going to have a Martial Art exhibition. All the martial art club will take part, included Aikido.

After discussing with my friend, we are thinking about performing the double blade technique, but non of us learn double blade technique before.

So, is that any good double blade video to download, so that we can learn? Please tell me, thanks !!!
My question would be why would you choose to do something in a demo that you didn't even study as part of your normal training? Saotome Sensei does two sword and there is a video out with his forms (available from ATM I believe). But if you pick something for a demo which you learn for the first time just for the demo, it almost always looks like that. I can't see that you would be very impressive. And why do something in your demo that you don't study at your dojo? What is the purpose of demoing something prospective students of your school won't even do? This doesn't make sense to me...

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