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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Mike, thank you for the elaboration on Qi/Ki. Unfortunately I don't have much time right now, so this will be quick. Looking back at your original post discussing Tohei's four points, please allow me to switch genres to the Chinese arts, it seems (from understanding your previous writings on the subject) that you are referring to a "PengJing" characteristic via an Aikido explanation. Would this be fair to assume? Please correct me if I am wrong. What I am most curious about is the nature of this facial (structural/weight bearing) relationship to the mind (cognitive faculties). Is this type of structure/movement indicative of itself, or is dependent upon an additional factor, such as Qi? Assuming this is related to other factors related to facial structure, i.e. the iron bridge and the unbendable arm, etc. Also are we speaking of Qi as a function of Yi?
Thanks, Moses
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