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Re: Has anyone visited the Hombu Dojo?

ahmad abas wrote:
All in all, I think 2000usd for two weeks is enough to get by in tokyo. I got by with less, but it all depends on your lifestyle. A cheap meal can be gotten for less than 500 yen. So do your maths. On tuesday, you can get some beef ramen for 100 yen in this particular shop. but i can't remember which.

I think you can probably get by on quite a bit less than this. You can find plenty of business hotels that rate between $60 and $80 dollars per night.

You should be able to eat out for about $10and $15 a pop at night, if you don't go to big expensive restaurants. You should also be able to find set menu lunches for about $5. Alternatively, the local conbeni (7-11, Lawson etc.) will do very cheap food.

Yoshinoya (big orange signs with Yoshinoya written in black, see used to do Gyudon for 100 yen. I'm not sure if they still do this, business went a bit sour on the beef front a while back, but that may have changed.



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