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Re: Has anyone visited the Hombu Dojo?


If you want a cheap hotel try Tokyo Business Hotel. It was cheap but i can't remember how cheap. We tripled bunked though. The hotel itself is nice with communal baths but it locks its doors at midnight, so forget visiting the tokyo night scene if you stay there. its also about 10-15mins walk. Former when you begin training, latter one week later into training.

All in all, I think 2000usd for two weeks is enough to get by in tokyo. I got by with less, but it all depends on your lifestyle. A cheap meal can be gotten for less than 500 yen. So do your maths. On tuesday, you can get some beef ramen for 100 yen in this particular shop. but i can't remember which.

i loved the beginners class. The shihans take pain to explain a lot stuff (in japanese unfortunately). but it helps a lot if basics aren't your strong point. the class when i was there was cramped because of the pillars in the middle. so i preferred the 3rd floor dojo.

personally, i would try and train with foreign girls who speak japanese. (they tend to be serious in their training but have impeccable technique) they seem to have the best attitude and non-forced aikido. old japanese guys and some of the younger men (all races) are a bit too rough unless you like that sorta thing.

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