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Re: kata dori vs. katate dori

Hi, Peter,

That's interesting about your students not understanding the Jpn, either.

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
gen-ki (fit, well), denki (electricity), buki (weapons), ninki (term of office), and jaki (devil), the second character is read/pronounced the same, but the character and also the meaning is quite different in each case.
Any plans to write a book, Peter? You could write so many on aikido and I'd buy every one. Twice or more, probably, the way I buy Ellis' as gifts to aiki-buddies.

Bokken and Keyboard by Pete Goldsbury;

Aikido and Japanese Culture by P.A. Goldsbury;

Remembering Osensei's DESHI by Peter Goldsbury;

Aikido Shihan and the Harmony of Admin Meetings by Peter Goldsbury;

The Spiritual Pretensions of Aikido by Peter Goldsbury for me, anyway...


Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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