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Re: kata dori vs. katate dori

Don J. Modesto wrote:
Judging from folks' reactions on tests, this can be hard to hear. What you might try instead of listening for words is listening for beat:.kata dori--4 beats;. katate dori--5.
Hello Don,

My Japanese students here have a different problem.

Of course, there is the hearing problem. They hear the techniques called out in a grading test from people like me; their native language is uttered in a 'home' setting, but by non natives, which is usually a major challenge.

There is an additional problem causd by the fact that aikido terms are not really common Japanese. Thus, no adult Japanese would have any problem in immediately understanding and writing any of the terms mentioned in my earlier post (escept perhaps for jaki). But kata-dori? Taking the shoulder? Katate-dori? Half hand taking? They would need to fit these terms with the logograph-art gallery carried in their heads. I have found that the terms make much better sense after the techniques have been shown, not before.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
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