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Re: kata dori vs. katate dori

Mike Sigman wrote:
Hi Peter:

Well.... reading and pronouncing wouldn't be the same "ki" though, would it? For the "Ki" we're generally talking about, both Chinese and Japanese tend to use the right-hand character up at the top left of this page, wouldn't you agree? Good heavens.... this reminds me of the story about a college professor who spent 40 years of his life trying to prove that the "Illiad" wasn't written by Homer, but by another Greek of the same name.

My point was, in response to Greg Jennings' post, the simpler one that, e.g., in gen-ki (fit, well), denki (electricity), buki (weapons), ninki (term of office), and jaki (devil), the second character is read/pronounced the same, but the character and also the meaning is quite different in each case.

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