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Re: Functional Ki Skills

I apologize for this step back, but if we could look at a re-clarification of the subject of Qi. If we could rid ourselves of extraneous material and focus solely on martial/practical Qi. That is intentionally setting aside the Chinese medical paradigm of Qi (let it live in its own world). As well as setting aside the other realms of the esoteric Qi paradigm (as being to broad and un-substantive for any definitive qualification). Personally I have had and continue to have a most difficult and frustrating time sorting out the mystical from the practical. I often wonder if the reason for, at least an aspect of the Qi paradigm, was to intentionally limit the accessibility of the higher levels of the pugilistic arts. As for what reason this may have been done, add your own thoughts. In reading this thread I find the concept of "functional Ki" seems to make sense, i.e. keep it practical. That is a paradigm using structure, vectors, gravity, and lastly cognitive awareness of these continually changing processes as a mode leading to higher martial expressions. Is this in line conceptually with "functional Ki"? Please elaborate either way,
Thanks, Moses
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