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Mike Sigman
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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Craig Hocker wrote:
Someone has already taken a shot at it

If I can find time this week, I'll take a shot because the answer given is a little too simplistic.
Ah, the notorious Stephen Goodson! I once explained to Goodson that I knew a number of people who "did the unbendable arm" and they all did it in different ways, so while his analysis might be good for some of them he wasn't analysing the entire spectrum. (Remember it was for this very reason I said I don't like the unbendable arm as a discussion point). Goodson is a member of the Washington DC area "Skeptics" and thinks of himself as a debunker. He has an article about something I ask some "teacher's" to do, when they claim they've had "umpteen years of experience". Of course, he's never seen it done, but had it described by some people who had seen me demonstrate it and show them how to get started (they had no dantien control or strength, so I showed them a rudimentary way to get started). After dozens of people told Goodson his description was totally off-base, he said he'd only take it down if I came and showed him the right way to do it. I think we all know people like this. I'd forgotten about him. Thanks for the memories.

However, let's leave his description as it is for the moment. All I'll propose is that he's offbase and has never really seen anyone do it well, as far as I can tell. I suggested once (via email) that instead of writing expose's on things he's only seen amateurs do, it might pay him to go see someone like Tohei, etc. As a Skeptic and a genius, though, Goodson, sees little sense in wasting the time.

So I'll await your thoughts with interest. This could be a good discussion.

All the Best.

Mike Sigman
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