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I'm highly disturbed to see that Lamont is still teaching,and worse, still claiming to be recognized by the Aikido Association of America. Some background: I'm affiliated with the AAA, and this happened just before I joned. I heard a lot of second hand info, but wasn't there for any of it, so there may be some inaccuracies, but the general picture should be correct. Lamont was a high ranking instructor with the AAA, I believe head of the Eastern Region or something similar (one of those details I don't quite have right). Close to ten years ago, he was arrested for having sex with a minor; worse, one of his students. The info from the NC sex offender page is:
Conviction Date: 08-02-1994
Release Date: 02-04-1997
Sentence Imposed: CONFINEMENT: 008Y

He was promptly ejected from the AAA. ATM published a notice concerning his arrest, over which there was quite a stir. I notice on the dojo web page that there are no children's classes listed, quite a relief.

So there's my two cents, any one who feels they can provide corrections or clarification, please do so.

Keith Engle

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