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Al-li Edwards
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Blush! Who deems you ready to test?

Umm I'm very new here..and I haven't even begun the art yet, but something has me nervous already...and I'm not sure how to put it but I'll try. After you've been practicing for a do you know your ready for a test? I mean do *you* say "I'm ready" or does the Sensei just talk to you one day and tell you that he/she believes your ready? I'm slightly confused about this as I've read different responses. Does it vary from Dojo to Dojo or is there a set standard?

Also...I'm sorta shy..and I'm not sure if this will hinder me when I finally get to taking my tests or not. Is it simply a matter of getting used to the people in your class (which doesn't help me sometimes) or learning to be calm? These maybe simple questions I know..but they've really been bothering me.

Thank You.

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