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Re: Christianty & Aikido....

I love to discuss religion AND Aikido, so this is right up my alley.
Aikido, like the basis of Shinto, is based upon universiality, the idea of using universal principles (observed in nature) to simplify overly complex (convoluted) situations, of which conflict is considered to be the uttmost manifestation of. Aikido holds high the concept of mutual benificence (win-win situations) and in that sense is highly Christianity.
If anyone wants to learn something about Shinto, may I suggest the book, "Kami no Michi", by Rev. Yamamoto, who was the 96th generation guji of a 2000+ year old shrine in Mie ken, Japan.
As for Christianity and imperialism, etc, I think it's important to remember the highly subjective nature of religion. Yes, Christianity teaches about evangelism which some Christians have taken to extreams and described as the right/obligation to change the world in their image. It happened for many years by many groups within the larger group calling itself Christianity. This doesn't change the fact that many have also done much good and embody the principles of Aikido: harmonization and constant personal development in every way possible. Even Shinto has been used as a representative of imperialism. The fact is that mankind, with all its greed and other ego-driven detriments, will try to use any unifying symbol to garner support for these drives.
Work on yourself, live by example, and always do your best. Everything else is circumstantial to you.
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