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Mike Sigman
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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Ah, pooh, Craig. I just made an error based on my preconceptions and I apologize. As a point of information, there's more to the Ki/Qi thing in terms of "mysterious force". I can demonstrate this and I consider it to be a function of perhaps several items. I mentioned the book "Energy Medicine; The Scientific Basis" by James L. Oschman and that book covers (in what is to me a not-rigorous-enough way) some aspects of what some people "feel" as a mysterious force. I can demonstrate what he's talking about in a stronger and more detailed way than he's discussing. The second aspect that gets involved has to do with purely an *opinion* on my part that we sometimes all feel similar things because of the way we're wired. The third aspect has to do with suggestibility.... and I sometimes think the second and third things are strongly related. Anyway, I can show you some of the so-called "emitted qi" things that have had a historical impact on the general view of qi or ki. My sometimes-too-clinical mind doesn't focus on these things because I know that most experienced Chinese martial artists are aware of these phenomena but treat them as some side-effect with no great importance... and that's the way I also feel.


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