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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Craig Hocker wrote:
Well, look again at the bottom section of the third paragraph. Perhaps it just seemed a little obnoxious to me after having trained intensively for the past 5 days with two of the best senior most students of the author mentioned.
Ah, I see it. Actually, I saw it at first, but those kinds of political BS don't even register with me any more.
as for the rest, well in deference to Jun, I was not going to comment, but as a scientist, I am less interested in talking about Ki than in talking about mind and body coordination. The idea that mind and body are essentially one or as Tohei Sensei now likes to express it "the oneness of mind and body" fits quite nicely with modern neuroscience. Looking at the details of how to approach that in aikido seems much more productive for training.

Telepathy seems a more appropriate topic for Penn&Teller's Showtime cable show.
Well, as I've said a number of times, "Ki" is a catch-all term related to earlier times and it was an attempt to explain the things they couldn't explain for lack of scientific knowledge. I gave a list of things that are "Ki", but which are totally unrelated in our western-science paradigm.

Incidentally, there are some books, writings, etc., out nowadays by accepted and proven experts in Chinese martial arts with a long tradition of talking about "Qi".... but you won't find a word about "Qi" in those writings. The closest you'll get are some of the discussions that discuss involvement of the cerebral cortex in the training, etc., and how mental relaxation, etc., is used to strengthen the relationship of the mind and body.

The specific area of interest to be strengthened with breathing, unifiied body practice, etc., is the same area that is involved in automatic movement that occurs in the body and limbs after, for example, extended and relaxed standing practice.

Insofar as telepathy, I put it in the same category of as reincarnation. I don't believe in it.... although I may have in a previous life.

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