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Mike Sigman
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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Ted Ehara wrote:
My own instructor read Tohei's description of unbendable arm. Then he would go around trying it out (unsuccessfully) on everyone he knew. After he was shown how to do unbendable arm and other ki principles, he realized that you can't just read things in a book and expect to do it correctly.
Incidentally, Ted. Normally I avoid discussions about the "unbendable arm" because there are actually several different ways that people do it, and a few of those ways are essentially "unbendable" by most people. In my opinion, there are actually 2 legitimate ways to do it and there are several different "visualizations" that will make it happen in a satisfactory way. The best way to get it to happen is actually similar to the way some stage hypnotists get a volunteer from the audience to stretch feet-to-head between to chairs (the "iron bridge")... i.e., there is a component of the subconscious involved in good utilization of Ki skills; visualization can help you access the subconscious, BTW.

But those points aside, have you ever thought about the mechanics of what happens in the "unbendable arm"? Do you think you can explain the mechanics? Or do you think no mechanics are involved? What does your instructor think, BTW?


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