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Murashige, Thielemans & Smith research

Apologies for the brief title but the characters were limited.

I'm in the process of lineage research for our club and am looking for information on Aritoshi Murashige, Tony Thielemans of Belgium and Mike Smith of England.

I've done some considerable googling around the web, but only found small snippets of info, i.e. Murashige was a student of O Sensei, he started Aikido in Malaysia before he went to Belgium in the early 60's. Unfortunately he was killed in a car crash shortly after in 1963. Tony Thielemans studied under Murashige. but it was for a short period, I''d like to find out who he subsequently studied with and who conferred any grades. Tony formed the Yama Arashi. Mike Smith studied with Tony for a while (I don't know exactly how long), and was conferred 2nd dan by Tony Thielemans. He eventually split from Yama Arashi and formed the Kai Shin Kai. He was conferred 6th Dan by Nariyama sensei of the Shodokan.

If anyone has any further information that can fill in any gaps, or expand upon what I've already uncovered, I'd be most interested to hear from you and grateful to receive it.

Many thanks


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