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John Carey
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Knee health and Aikido

Hi, I just wanted to bounce off another thread in this column about the knee replacement surgery. I have been practicing Aikido now for about 5 months, and I absolutely love it. However, I am having some issues with my knees. For one, during the day I can't really stand stiff legged, or my knees will "lock up" and become painful. They also have a 'loose' feeling to them, where if I rotate my knees around it feels as if they are shifting and sometimes respond with a pop. Some of the people in my Dojo also have to wear knee supports or pads while practicing. So the question it brings to mind, is if Aikido is healthy for the knees over the long haul? I am relatively new, but I don't see myself leaving Aikido for a long time, if ever. There is just too much positive to think otherwise. How do you take care of your knees? What is your overall impression of knee/joint health in Aikido practitioners?

Thanks for your response ;]

btw, Seiza has reshaped my habit of sitting cross legged. Now, sitting any other way but Seiza feels like the back is out of line, and breathing is more labored. Thanks Aikido!
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