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Re: Poll: If doctors told you that continuing aikido would be very bad for your healt

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote:
'Most GPs are informed and equipped only to handle "couch potato" lifestyles. I find that the active body is a healthier one.' AND ' Find a good sports doc, or one who trains. Don't ever remove a positive part of your life, don't take no for an answer if Yes is a better one.'
I agree absolutely with Emily. Diagnosed after an MRI scan (and lots of pain) with two herniated disks and some spinal arthritis (legacy of running Marathons!) I was given ' advice' on what not to do by consultant. Dissatisfied with this, I changed to a consultant who was sports specialist and was told what to do and advised on possible limitations to keep in mind but the message was listen to your body and keep on doing what you do.

So I do and many years on have regained a great deal of my original mobility and enjoy an active lifestyle. Sure, there is pain, but manageable without any medication . The pain of giving up the things I enjoy would be worse.
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