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Re: Looking for the name of a technique

Rob Liberti wrote:
What style of sword were you doing?
This was originally learnt in a variation of Kyokushin Karate (using bokken).

Rob Liberti wrote:
When you do this, do you tap their sword down with the flat (non-sharp) "side" of your sword? And do you primarily make the power happen by using your back hand?
It is with the flat of the blade (as in a tap from the side of the blade to the side of the blade). It is a little difficult to describe without the right term, but the best way I can describe the technique is it is almost like blending with an unarmed shomen-uchi attack... you are not meeting the strike head-on, you are parrying and helping ukes bokken continue on it's originally intended course.

The technique is very fast; you never fully commit to the tapping of ukes bokken, rather the tap deflects the blade far enough away for you to strike shomen or to tsuki... That said, the tap is still powerful enough to slightly unedge ukes center, making a kaeshi difficult.

Timing, as mentioned, is critical though, as too soon or too late and you open yourself up to being struck again by uke.

Thanks for the replies though
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