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Richard Elliott
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Re: Article: Penetrating the Heart of Aikido by Ross Robertson

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote:
I trained with Ross for several years, and while this column is very "Ross" I never felt threatened by him, but then, I am not threatened by sex, sexuality, or fun flirtations.

He is really brilliant with kids, I helped him teach his kids class for a short while. I never got anything approximating a "Michael Jackson" feeling from him, and his kids are good people.

We don't agree on everything, Ross and I, but he is, in my personal experience, ruthlessly ethical in such matters in his dojo.

I think it is a shortcoming, to be threatened by sex and sexuality. It's part of who we are.
Aikido is about power and submission, information exchange, and power exchange. So is sex.

It's part of human nature.
Deal with it.

(life is sexually transmitted)
Too true Ms. Gordon. I trained with Robertson sensei also and I can affirm what you've said here--period

Respectfully, Richard
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