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Mike Sigman
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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Rob Liberti wrote:
Hump... This had taken a turn I hadn't expected. Just to explain my perspective, I specifically avoid letting my forearm touch the uke's forearm (really because I am trying to avoid the uke's shoulder having any chance of getting to my shoulder) which I can do as long as they maintain that grab. (If they let go, we move right into kokyu nage land or worse.)
Ack... I knew when I said that about the forearm you'd object about the purity of it, but I was afraid the directions on the wrist might be unclear, so I opted to do in a way that the direction of power would be obvious.
You are suggesting a more sophisticated internal approach to doing waza that externally looks low level. Kind of funny...
It's a start. If I knew what your skill level was, I might have started somewhere else, but since I don't know....
At any rate, I try to keep my concentration on listening to what the partner's body is doing, and keeping some amount of tension in my finger tips. I'm fairly certain that I use more of my whole body than just my arms to lift the uke up. I really try to drive forward to encourage them to go up so that my arms can follow them up (pretty much like I do kokyu tanden ho actually).

I still am not clear on which one or more (or none) of the ki-principles mentioned that is. Sorry If I keep trying to drive this towards something I actually do. If that's just not working for you, then I'll think about this over the weekend and maybe try to do some of the drills you suggested and then start posting again from experience.
Well, there's a difference big difference between let's say "driving with the whole body" and being able to use the path from the ground of kokyu power. It's OK to sort of start with just "drive with the body, but you need to pay attention more to the paths. A lot of these things need to be seen and shown in person for clarity.

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