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Thea Sand
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Our Sensei has been dating the same student ( after she joined the dojo) for several years. The problem lies in the fact that she is extremely insecure and is quite certain that people are talking about her all of the time.
Like we don;t have a job, life, kids or any thing else to discuss...... When she has personal issues with other students, she runs to Sensei and the other student finds him(or her)self hauled into his office for a brutal two hour "discussion" about "peer etiquette". This generates conversation
amongst the students, Sensei is confirmed in the fact that we are "gossiping" about her and another witchhunt begins.
Malcontents can leave or be fired. Does dating students flip out
Sensei's that much? He has made it very clear that she outranks all yudansha in the dojo.
Quite frankly, we're not sure what to do. Do we leave or try to discuss this behavior? He has been unwilling to listen to other views up to this point.