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Re: Where does the money go?

My little dojo made $30 last year. I consider that successful. Everyone got training for the cheapest amount possible. My opinion is that moving your body should be free. I use the money to pay the overhead. If we have enough left over, we'll use the money to curb the cost of another seminar with somenoe fun.

As far as organizational dues, don't get me started. I've been bold faced lied to by shihans about how much money they take in and how they misuse nonprofit money. I know others who paid lots of money to go train in Japan, and basically got dumped in Hombu dojo for a week while the shihan used his mega-profits on drinking and prostitutes... I much prefer aikido dojos to be non profit and to have all of the money information posted on the web for all to see. It's the only fair way.

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