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Meggy Gurova
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Re: Seiza by ranks?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
The only 'proper etiquette' I am familiar with is that the lines should be straight and people should not line up too closely together.
Here in Sweden we sit very close to each other, and sometimes we are so close it's hard to breath properly
So once I went to visit a dojo in another country and when we line up (we were 3 that day, me and 2 guys) they were sitting the length off one bokken apart from each other, then I line up to the left off the guy in the middle and very close to him. I assumed the other guy to the right was going to move closer, but he didn't. Then the guy in the middle looked at me and started to feel uncomfortable
So thats the way I understood I has supposed to make a distance. I was so embarrassed!
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