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Re: Where does the money go?

John Matsushima wrote:
If so many dojo's are claiming to be non-profit organizations, then why is there so much money involved, and where does it go?
Where does your info on non-profit status come from? I don't see that many dojo's claiming to be non-profit. Most dojo's are probably struggling to stay afloat. Rent, taxes, insurance, utilities all add up.

Do you not want your Sensei to be paid either?

John Matsushima wrote:
These "dues" to aikido organizations, what are they for, and whose pocket do they go to?
Administration fees. Most non-Aiki organizations have these, too.

John Matsushima wrote:
Are these organizations really "non-profit"? Why does it cost so much for testing, especially for dan tests, which can cost hundreds of dollars?
Again admin fees and record keeping. I for one will be happy to shell out the $$$ if and when I earn my dan grade. The kanji certificate would be worth the price alone.

FWIW - when you get your dan certificate there is a duplicate copy in Hombu verifying the authenticity of your grade.

John Matsushima wrote:
Where does the money go when you have 30+ people paying $50-$100 for a seminar?
They usually go to the visiting Sensei/Shihan. You don't think that they are worth it... travel & living expenses. If it's not worth it to you, it's your choice not to go.

John Matsushima wrote:
Just think about it. When there are hundreds of dojo's within an organization, with hundreds of people paying hundreds of dollars, where does it all go?
I think you are exagerrating a lil bit. In the USAF we pay $30 a year in dues. I think that a small price to pay to have a voice in an organization that I am proud to be a member of.

You seem to be quite disturbed about this. Why not have a conversation with your Sensei?

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