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Re: Seiza by ranks?

Demetrio Cereijo wrote:
When seated in seiza at the beginning or ending of the class for bowing, people is seated by rank order.

My question is, for proper etiquette, in what order people with the same rank has to be seated?

Date of testing/rank?
Date of joining the dojo?

Tanks and regards.
I think there is no standard protocal anyway. In the Aikikai Hombu there is no lining up according to rank or seniority and I have never experienced this in all my 35 years of aikido training.

So, my question to you is: by what standards do you define "proper etiquette"? In the Aikikai, etiquette seems to depend on local practice and traditions, rather than any directive or example from Japan. The only 'proper etiquette' I am familar with is that the lines should be straight and people should not line up too closely together.

In Japanese university clubs the situation is quite different, with kanbu students at the front, 2nd year students behind, and freshers, with or without keikougi, depending on the tine of the year, in the 3rd row. Fourth year students and senior people line up in the last row. However, I have never encountered this practice outside Japanese universities.

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