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Meggy Gurova
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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

David Valadez wrote:

Perhaps we can reflect a bit on the ways relating to the ideals of Budo often touches upon the usual dismissals we make for ourselves and/or for our teachers when we are too ready or too quick to jump to the usual slogan of "we are only human" (and its many variations).
I'm not going to apologize again for my bad English, but I hope that you understand what I'm writing
I think that following the we have to change and off course everybody thinks s/he is changing to be a better person. Even the people that don't practice any budo are still trying to get better... Everybody is working on some level and develop in some way. I can not change another person just by telling them to do this or that. The only thing I can do is to be a good example so good that the other person chooses to become like me (role model) or the opposite to be a very bad person so the other sees my mistakes and tries not to do them herself / himself. So off course, if I see another persons "mistakes" I'm going to react "we are only human", because I'm sure that this person is focusing on some other aspect off his /hers development. But I can not make the same excuse for myself (for instance I stop smoking after 12 years off making excuses). But I would like other people to understand my mistakes and think that I'm only human, and be patient with me.
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