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Re: Seiza by ranks?

Peter Rehse wrote:
Will not tell story. Must not tell story.
Well, here's my "sitting by rank" story:

I used to train at a dojo in Japan which had a very mixed population - high ranking folks from the Aikikai, Iwama, Yoshinkan, even Daito-ryu.

This place never made much out of ranks - nobody even asked me my rank until I'd been there for almost two years, and that was just so that they could announce it at a local demonstration.

One day we were out in the countryside for a summer gasshuku, and before the first class the head instructor suddenly announces that everybody should line up according to rank. Now, I had no idea what rank most of the people were, so I just sat down at the bottom of the yudansha section and figured that would be OK. The head instructor spotted me and told me to move up in the rank order. I moved up a couple of spots, but he said "No, no, keep on going" - until I ended up at the very top of the yudansha section. I looked to my left, and the person directly below me in the rank order was one of the few people whose rank I actually knew - an Aikikai 5th dan who'd definitely been practicing a lot longer than me. He just smiled. I don't know why I got stuck there, but I appreciated the fact that, despite the one time line order, nobody really cared one way or the other.



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