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Re: Important Health Information

David Chalk wrote:
Do American's speak English then. Becasue your President doesn't appear to (sorry couldn't resist)
Dialects exist in the States, as in Norfolk or Yorkshire.

He does this preverbal crap because he doesn't know where he's from.

Despite claims of being Texan, he was born in Connecticut and moved to Midland when he was 3.

In Texas, this don't make you no Texan.

Anything else, is a denial of biology and logic.
You gotta come outta yer Mama in Texas, to be a Texan.
If ya ain't honest about it, yer a damn liar.

Do you trust such a delusional, overly-dialect-coached, newly-ranched, golf-cart-riding, LBJwannabeeMF?

I never, ever did.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Actual Texan
Five Generations and left for the Continent,

yeah, I can prove it. Care enough to ask? Not me, him. I'm not that interesting.

postscript: had a British schoolteacher for two years, IN TEXAS, and can speak proper English, at that...
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