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Re: Jo Training

Having gone through some intensive kata training at one point I would say, always practice the basics the most. I realised I could do great kata but I had no power in my jo thrusts. I think a good practice is to do tsuki forwards which leads into a tsuki backwards, which leads into a tsuki fowards (keeping feet still). Do about 100 on each side (but warm up first!) with good control and power. Also, striking against a wooden board or rubber tied to a tree (the tree itself can be killed if you remove all the bark through excessive striking). You may have seen Ueshiba practicing with the jo against some samurai armour tied to a tree!


PS I don't train with jo much as I believe bokken relates far better to understanding unarmed aikido

PPS I would agree with Tim in that, although there are superficial similarities between jo and taijitsu I don't think the similarities are very strong. Saying this, when I was once attacked for real I moved off centre line and struck with my fist and the movement felt exactly the same as a jo thrust!

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