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Re: Jo Training

budo child wrote:
The jo is the same as taijutsu. You need to spend afew years learning the jo saburi to understand the riai. for example tski gedan gaieshi is the exact same body movment sa irimi nage.
Err...nope. At least, I hope not. If I brought my back hand that far behind me in iriminage I'd hope uke would have me flat on the mat with a couple of seconds. Plus iriminage at waist height (as gedan gaeshi) is less effective then at, say, neck/head height. Its not even the same principle, as the initial retraction is much more linear in the gaeshi.

budo child wrote:
You are learning to move your whole nody with a jo, with ken you learn hanmi and koyu. these are some of the very basic ideas behind. remember Aikido without ken / jo is only taijutsu aikido has three main principles
ONLY taijitsu?
If aikido has three main principles, I don't think they are taijitsu, ken and jo.

Your right about using the whole body, though - and this IMO is the main benefit - to practice movements with a balanced relaxed body, and keeping the hands working together. The movements are NOT the same as in taijitsu, but the principles of the movement are. Practicing jo is another way to explore these principles.

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