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Re: Seiza by ranks?

Fred Little wrote:
In the club here at NJIT, at the beginning and end of class we line up in straight seniority order, with no reference to rank.

In between, there's no standard protocol.


Fred Little
How do you determine seniority? Is that implicitly by age?

For the record...our standard procedure is by rank, then age within rank.

We have had visitors who have insisted that the yudansha take the senior end, non yudansha (is that mu-dansha?) take the non senior end.

The biggest difference is that they ask for the most senior students to be in the centre and the most junior students to be placed to the outside.

I've also seen variations where the lowest ranks are placed nearest the door ...since they are most disposable should some marauding dojo stormers catch us by surprise and attack.

We tend to work on basis that kamiza is the logical east, so students to the right facing the kamiza are in the north (most senior)...juniors are in the south.

All very confusing...normally I go with whatever everyone is comfortable with. People shouldn't judge your ability by position on the mat anyway. If you are good it will be clear (unlike this ramble of a post... )

In most of the classes I teach everyone is either dan ranked on one night...or going for the same grade on another night this isnt much of an issue.

At least I know where to sit....



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