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Re: Competition in Aikido

Wynand said "Not having competitions is almost a point of pride in some Aikido institutions, what nonsense, how better to curb the growth of an ego than with a good butt-kicking now and then."

It's a good point, and has sparked a lot of good discussion.

I miss the hell out of judo randori - we translated as 'free play'.
you picked your partner based on how vigorous you wanted to train, bowed out if it got too rough, or got put in your place if you took too much risk.

Twenty years ago i countered a high ranking aikidoka and dumped him on his butt. He kicked me in the face for my trouble and reminded me aikido is a martial art. I was just trying to show him a flaw in his technique - maybe i shouldn't have tried to soften his fall - that's why i was open to the kick.

Training good. Injuries Bad

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