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Ai symbol Re: i have a question...

typewriting_monkey wrote:

1) Does one need a strong spiritual life to master Aikido? I know this question is probably very difficult to answer, but it is very important to me.
I'd agree with Jun on this, and say no - with the proviso that I find it does supplement my spiritual path.


2)Is Aikido related to Taoism?
Aikido isn't related to Taoism per se (at least no more than everything is ) But I do find a great number of Taoist principles to be present..


7)Aikido is a very serious martial art, just like any, but would it be immature or inhibitive for someone like me whoconsiders the idea of preventing an opponent's attacks humorous
I think everything should be joyful. The fact that you're being attacked shouldn't make anything different in that regard, though I think it's a different question as to laughing at an attacker.. That's something that would probably serve to fuel the situation, not de-escalate things..


8)This question is more religious, and not really related to Aikido, but do do any of you believe that meditation can bring about enlightenment(i.e. CORRECT answers to philosophical questions)? Or, more directly asked, do any of you believe in listening to intuition as a valid method?
Sorry for the length, but I've been running these questions over in my mind for quite some time, and this is my first chance to ask qualified experts.
Well I'm certainly not an expert on anything, but I'm also not adverse to sharing my perceptions of the Way..
My own opinion of meditation, is that it can put you in touch with the deepest truths, but it's very difficult to avoid illusions and egotism.. So, what you see may only be a reflection of what you want to see. If you can work through that, then I see no reason why not. Everything is one, at the deepest, most fundamental level.. As for intuition, I rely on my continually. It's like a muscle, in the sense of the more you rely upon it, the more honed it becomes..

I hope I've managed to answer your questions in a way that makes sense.. Standard disclaimer of course - these are just my opinions, and since I haven't written a book yet I can claim they're facts


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