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Re: Competition in Aikido

Those were some really good posts!

The only thing I have to comment on really is the question: why is dropping my arm strength so important to me? I guess it really comes down to what your image of aikido is and what you are trying to achieve. My opinion is that until you can drop your arm strength and be effective, what you are doing is barely scratching the surface level. I have been told that the term "aiki" was borrowed from a sword school that Osensei knew about to refer to the okuden level (or level of depth). For me that is the only direction I can go to continue growing in aikido. If someone has no interest to get there then I think they should call what they do shodendo, or chudendo. (Or maybe replace do with jutsu.)

I am interested in what the intermediate goals (like of 3rd and 4th dans) in competition aikido are towards getting to the next level?

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