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Re: Competition in Aikido

Peter, thanks for posting the quote from Nariyama shihan. I was about to do it myself.

As for Rob Liberti, I am not interested in convincing you that competition is a good thing. I am not here to convince anyone it is a good thing. I've explained why I am doing it. I've pointed to sources which explain why some great martial artists have included competition in their system. I've suggested that anyone interested enough take the time to learn about it. Whether you decide to either read what I have written or read why competition was included into teaching systems or try it for yourself is of no concern to me.

BTW, "see with eyes unclouded" is from Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) by Hayao Miyazaki. Well worth seeing whatever your opinions on competition. No one wins ten kote gaeshi for both sides.

<joke class="silly" id="don't take this seriously">
Jun, do you think you could set up a new pool: Describe competition in Aikido:
1- An aberration in the face of the kami.
2- A quick way to boost you finances and ego by defeating worthless opponents.
3- Something I am prejudiced against but know nothing off.
4- Something I do not practice but I have taken the time to learn about it.
5- A useful tool to test safely and improve ones Aikido.
6- I don't do understand what the fuss is all about.
7- I don't do Aikido.

Just in case you don't understand XML: The above was a joke!

The people who understand, understand prefectly. York Shodokan Aikido
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