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Re: The Real World: How to Reconcile?

As much as I hate to regurgitate what important people have said instead of writing my own opinion, this statement makes sense and it is close to what I am thinking.
I believe it is possible to replicate the aikido we do in the dojo, but it would take such a high level of experience to achieve the proper flow, given the opposition of your opponent. So, in the meantime:

ATEMI - STRIKING (The moment of contact becomes a strike).

"The founder, Ueshiba Sensei, said, In a real battle, atemi is seventy percent, technique is thirty percent. The training that we do in the dojo is designed to teach us various sorts of techniques, the correct way to move our body, effective ways of using our power, and how to create a relationship with the other person." [This quote is repeated on page 19 of "Aikido Shugyo", also by Shioda Gozo].

From the biographical book "The Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba", written by Ueshiba Kisshomaru (translated and reprinted in Aiki News #62).
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