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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

I would strongly agree with the advice to ask your sensei, perhaps phrasing it positively as "What would I need to improve to be called for ukemi more/thrown more vigorously?"

We always have a few advanced students at the beginners' classes to take ukemi. A month or so ago I spent a whole class watching while a (male) student much junior to me took all the demo ukemi. Afterwards the teacher offered me a ride home, so I took the opportunity to ask him. He said, "Well, he was sitting at the right end of the line." Pause. "Actually, I like the beginners to see a small person like me throwing a 250 lb. gorilla like him. It shows what aikido is capable of, and it makes me look good."

I think it was much better to find this out than go on wondering if I'd offended him, if something were wrong with my ukemi, if he was being sexist, etc....

Mary Kaye
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