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Question for Nishio Students


I greatly admire Nishio's aikido and sentiments. I must confess to some confusion after reading the following, though. Is he contradicting himself (did he change his mind in the eight intervening years of the two interviews) or am I just unfamiliar with his way of speaking?

Any light you can shed or anecdotes you can share will be greatly appreciated.


Shoji Nishio (1984), Part 2, Aiki News #61 (May 1984)

"0-Sensei said that it is a crime to fell opponents or hurt them even a bit. I tell students if they have to hit the opponent to.execute a technique when there hands are held, they shouldn't do that technique. If you have to use atemi, entering with a strike, then you shouldn't do that particular technique. Aikido doesn't need that. We never hit the opponent when we do kaitennage, for example, at the beginning of training."

Shoji Nishio (1992), Part 1, by Stanley Pranin
Aiki News #91 (Spring 1992)

"Usually after people throw their opponents and pin them, they make a "yaaaa" sound. But that's not aikido. Properly speaking, before doing the technique, we should execute an atemi. Since we can't do that [for the sake of safe practice], however, we unbalance the opponent with our kokyu and execute the technique in an aikido-like manner using the forms of the throw and pin. In a real situation we use atemi. "

Shoji Nishio (1992), Part 2, by Stanley Pranin
Aiki News #92 (Summer 1992)

"I think that atemi are the soul of Japanese martial arts. Atemi temporarily neutralize the opponent's fighting ability and allow him to correct his attitude and return to his previous condition. "

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