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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Meggy Gurova wrote:
Amazing! Or is that some kind of joke?
Sadly, no.
Go here:
but I wouldn't beat that rotting equine corpse again.
I'd give an honest beer to know who that anonymous user was.

Meggy Gurova wrote:
I though my teacher really treated me the same way as the men, but now when the 3 men ranked 4 kyu joined the advanced group, he has started throwing them harder than he throws me! And I'm not happy with that!
So attack him harder.
Just be ready for it.

I once rattled one of my Yanagi Ryu classmates so hard that I kind of woke up and shook the little birdies off from around my head afterwards (I don't do that art any more, women aren't known at the highest levels there, either, and there's enough glass ceilings for me to bang my head on).

I've been in many dojo situations where some dear chivalrous man was catching me (pull him down and pin him) or not *throwing* me (throw him instead) or fluffing technique (give him something to work with).

All of the men in my dojo are bigger or stronger than me. My teacher likes to throw one of them (former judoka) sometimes, instead of me, but I don't mind. I don't consider "harder" favoritism, merely an indication that the teacher is showing something which works better on the other person.

Besides, as the sand slips through the hourglass, harder is not always better!

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