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Re: Competition in Aikido

It seemed like verbal chest beating and had me annoyed. My points are valid even if I know imperfectly. But, point taken. I'll quit picking on their useage of his phrase and try to focus on constructive discussion. (Which I believe started with a post about how terrible training without competition is!)

I have 2 other points:
1) I don't like that calling Osensei's words "that old chestnut" somehow invalidates the meaning. I also believe in that old chestnut about not being able to turn lead into gold. While I don't think Osensei knew everything, I'd pretty much consider him an expert on aikido.

2) About egos: I agree with Paul that certainly some people avoid competitions because of ego. However, I claim that most of the competitors only seem to have mastered their egos with the folks who consistently beat or tie them. How are those egos when they deal with someone they consistently beat?

Rob (off to class)
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