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E.D. Gordon
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Re: Poll: If doctors told you that continuing aikido would be very bad for your health, would you continue training?

Most GPs are informed and equipped only to handle "couch potato" lifestyles. I find that the active body is a healthier one. My clients as a bodyworker are soldiers, they cannot stop what they do. So I find ways for them to carry on, unless they are just being silly. Injuries must rest, certain things (spinal problems and defects) must be respected. I voted No, because I know what my body can tolerate better than a doc does. I just taught class after being down for a week with a virus. It felt great. They sweat, I watch. LOL! Seriously, I have learned to pace myself and care for myself. Find a good sports doc, or one who trains. Don't ever remove a positive part of your life, don't take no for an answer if Yes is a better one.
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