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Re: Competition in Aikido

No doubt that we all do all sorts of things for the sake of ego. I just happen to train aikido to curb that as much as possible. I have no problem with any of these ideas (I think I'm 100% on the same page with Chris now) - except that if the overall training methodology is not competition, then I think it is a poor choice of possible descriptive words to use as the name for that category of aikido. If it is truly just a component of a methodology which is overall collaborative (just to a slightly different degree from what I do) then call it 'honest and helpful aikido' or if appropriate call it "aikido with trophies" or something. Do I know perfectly yet?!

Paul and Ron, the question I have is that: if competing is very important in a system, is it the case that it might be so important that people are unwilling to give up some of the big advantages from their previous training (like highly developed arm and wrist strength) for a significant amount of time to make a break-through about how to blend and move the body with kokyu strength exclusively? I don't know of many people who have made such a break-through. That's what I want, so I found a system that has produced those results several times. If there is another methodology that has produced such individuals, I'd love to know about them because maybe I can learn some alternatives for my own training and development.
If you can point me that them and/or help me out with some insight towards this end then well I think I can start to "know perfectly", otherwise, I think that those claiming to "know perfectly" might want to reinvestigate what it is they know so perfectly...


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