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Chris Birke
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Re: Competition in Aikido

Well that was just a misunderstanding then. Know too, that I think "exclusively competitive" or otherwise is stupid. You need a mix of all training elements, and to use them when best.

That said, I do think that (although not impossible) it is much EASIER to convey some information through uncooperative practice than through cooperative.

The idea that their is either cooperative or competitive training goes on with my reservations due to the limitations of training. All cooperative training has an element of competition, and all competitive training has an element of cooperation. You can't get caught and shut down, otherwise. By varying the balance of these things (to both extremes) you can cover more expirence than by simply sticking to the same balance at all times. (I think you agree.)

I'll go on the record as saying that Osensei's word isn't law. He is very confusing - Tomiki is a good sensei, yet Osensei would not have him call what he does Aikido. Aikido is the universe!

As far as I can tell Osensei enjoyed confusing people.

When you say "overall competitive training" do you mean people who never train without resistance?

When I hear "cooperative training model" I get an image of people who never train with resistance.
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