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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Competition in Aikido

Hi Rob,

I don't know if the people who use competition as the overall model for their training/learning are able to test things out nearly as thoroughly as I test out what I am doing.
a) I'm not sure that either shodokan or yoseikan 'use competition as the overall model for their training...' several people have stated that it is part of their training, and that not everyone participates in it.

b) Given (a), I don't see how they would be unable to 'test things out nearly as thoroughly as I test out what I am doing.' In fact, they would be able to test things out through kata and cooperative training, and then suppliment that with competition.

Now, don't get me wrong...I myself am frankly not interested in competition for a whole bunch of reasons, none of which should affect anyone else one wit...but I think I see a logical fallacy here (in other words, I try to follow your model, but just don't have a problem with others choosing a different one).

I think your point about who have the competitive models produced is an interesting one...but I also have to wonder how people like you and I would be exposed to such folk. How would I hear of (much less get on the mat with) Nariyama Sensei if it wasn't for aikiweb, or if I didn't go to a shodokan venue? There could be a whole bunch of absolutely supercalifragilistic guys and gals out there that I just don't get exposed to...could be ki society, yoseikan, tree-huggers, whatever.


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