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Mads Gabrielsen
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Re: Competition in Aikido

Bronson Diffin wrote:
This is something I've wondered about while watching the judo people practice. I'm pretty sure some of them rose in rank strictly due to their performance in shiai. They move up the ladder without having to learn/demonstrate the other aspects of the art, like kata, and their training often focuses on what will work at tournaments.

Well, this differs from country to country, but being able to perform judo against a resisting opponent counts for something in most federations. In Scotland the kyu grades are pretty much competition wins only, although you do need to show your technical knowledge as well. For dan grades techniques and kata is required.
In Norway techniques are required for every rank (and kata for dan) as well as competition experience, although not necessarily wins.

However, most higher ranking judoka will have no difficulty explaining and demonstrating any technique from the Gokyu no waza (Catalogue of Judo throws), even if they only use 5 or 6 in shiai.

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