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Re: Competition in Aikido

Rob Liberti wrote:
My opinion is that the folks competing can get pretty good - probably just about as good as Endo sensei got before making that break-through. It is a respectable level - but not the highest level - or the level of depth (which is what the aiki of aikido means). I might even be willing to believe that many of those folks who are competing might just get to that respectable level of competancy more quickly than those who are not competing and good for them. But, my goal is to breakthrough and get to that level of being effective with my arm strength completely dropped. I don't see what the driving forrce in the competitive model would be to get people to break-through. Any thoughts here?
Why would a competitor have a different mindset or attitude towards reaching the next level that you have? Unless I'm mistaken, nobody is getting rich from aikido competitions.


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