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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Meggy Gurova wrote:
That has to be the last reason I can think off. (I've been a dancer and very acrobatic). I've done so much more than everybody else in the dojo. I've been uchi-deshi, I'm the only one doing to seminars etc and my teacher still sees me as ambitious and not taught. I'm prepared to work harder than everybody else just to be considered to their level. But to work harder and still be considered to have lower level, that makes me very angry
Meggy please understand that I'm not picking on you I'm just offering some thoughts. If indeed you have the requisite ability to handle some harder training then by all means that training should be available to you...and to everyone who has the ability for and desire to do it. However acrobatic ability, uchi deshi status, seminar attendance, or willingness to work hard does not automatically equate to high ability as uke...there's a better chance but it's not automatic. I have students who work VERY hard and/or attend many classes but still they just don't get it. I'm not saying this IS the case with you but since I've never seen you as uke I have to consider it as a possibility....just as I consider that you are right and are being overlooked for other reasons. Either way I suggest letting your instructor know that you are interested in taking your training to a higher level and ask them what they feel you should do in order for that to happen.

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