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Re: Need advice/new guy to area's dojo

It's slowly starting to come around. I am still having difficulty with the fact that the main instructor demonstrates a technique and only gives the students about 2 minutes to practice that move. After the two minutes he sometimes will demonstrate a move that doesn't necessarily relate to the previous move making it difficult to see exactly how or where one move relates to the other. He seems to watch the clock as if he only has so much time to allow for that technique and if you don't comprehend within that time frame than it's too late. He seems to be in a hurry for whatever reason. Actually I think I'm enjoying the more junior instructor as she seems to relate better to the basics and then moves on to the more advanced techniques throughout the class.

Recently I had gone to another dojo in my area which is under construction, so they are letting me practice there for free until they get this dojo up and running. I can't wait to see this dojo once it's finished. It's huge, well ventilated, full locker rooms, showers and everything. I have only attended once so far and like the way they held class. They seemed to be more focused on the quality of their instructions and not so worried about the time spent on each technique. Within the past week I have not attended either dojo because I have been sick. The dojo that I have just recently found and only attended one time called to see where I have been and if everything was OK. I thought that was nice of them to do that. The dojo that I originally signed up for I have been going to for a month now. As I have been sick for about a week now, no one from that dojo has even called. The dojo in Upstate NY was always personable. They just seemed to really care about you. It was always, "how's your family - how's the job going - how's your health - how's life treating you?". Along with the excellent training with very seasoned martial artists from all around that area, they were very respectful and genuinely concerned about their students. A pretty big act to follow in my opinion. So when I got a call after not showing up to the one dojo I had only attended once, but hadn't received a call from the dojo that I had been going to for a month now after missing a week, that meant something to me. If anything, it's nice to have more than one dojo in the area to choose from.
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