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Re: Poll: If doctors told you that continuing aikido would be very bad for your health, would you continue training?

With 'very bad' I assumed that we are talking risk of getting permanently paralyzed or perhaps even the risk of dying. Under this assumption I voted 'No'. I wouldn't be able to justify my kids loosing their father just because I need to go on practicing Aikido. if the ukemi was the reason I was in danger I would probably do something else like kyo-do and I would probably do a lot more AI-do than I do now, but even though I love Aikido It's not enough to risk hurting my loved ones. I know there is a small risk in the daily practice as it is, but I calculate this to be even lower than the risk of getting hurt when driving in a car or walking on the street. We have to live - and life is by definition filled with risks, however there is no need to be stupid. If you are in real danger of getting seriously damaged from continued practice then there is no doubt in my mind that I would stop. Life is precious - and so are my kids.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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